Top 10 Place to get Best HTML Templates For Website Development

Top 10 Place to get Best HTML Templates For Website Development

Are you looking for responsive, beautiful and professional looking HTML templates for your next website but don’t have the budget? Well, here are a couple of free resources on the Internet where you can regularly find good templates for use in your web projects without restrictions.

To get success in business in modern days, we have to maintain some criteria. The more you reached to the people the more business will be increased as well. So making a website of your business is a must for nowadays. It makes your online presence solid and strong. Without having a website is like a missing part of your heart.

But we have a misconception that making a website is so costly. So we don’t want to make our website in the beginning. But after reading this article your mind will completely change. You will start to believe that making a website is so easy, you can make it with less cost and even you can do it without enough technical knowledge.

In this article, we will list some of the best websites where you will find some awesome free HTML template. You can use those templates to build a great looking website for you and it will be so useful for your business.

1. Colorlib

Colorlib is a huge collection of HTML and WordPress themes. Here you will find lots of free and premium themes. The policy of this website is so meaningful. If you want to use any template free then you have to use the colorlib links at the footer. And sometimes contact form will not work.

If you want to use the full feature of any template then you have to buy this template. Without buying it still you will find lots of modern features. The most important part of this template is you will find several blog posts especially for a particular topic like the business, e-commerce, blog, restaurant and lots more. So you will get a perfect list for a specific niche to make your website.

2. Bootstrapmade

Bootstrapmade has a huge collection of one page template, Business, and Corporate template as well. Like other websites, this website has both free and premium features.

All of the templates of this website are so professional and updated with modern technology regularly. So if any update comes or any bug fixes, you can get the updates for your themes easily. You can use this for both personal and commercial uses.

The significant part of this website is you will get most of the templates free. And for the premium membership, you will get access to lots of themes just spending a small amount.

3. Free-css

Just like the name of the website this website delivers lots of useful web materials for free. This website provides lots of free html5 template and those are really useful to start a new website for your business. You will find here lots of free CSS template and premium CSS template as well. Not only that you will find here lots of CSS layouts and CSS menu as well.

Free CSS has 2782 free website templates coded using HTML & CSS. All of the designs are made by the professional designer. Those are open source template and among the huge collection of the template you can choose the best of one for you and use it for your website.

4. Template

Template.net is a huge collection of free website themes. People will find here template, design, and doc. You will find here 25,000+ beautifully Designed template. All of the templates are easily editable. So if you want to build your website quickly then using those templates you can build your website smartly and faster.

One of the most useful feature people will really like about this website is you don’t need any credit card to download any web element. I am telling here web element CZ you not only find here free templates but also you will find here banner, book cover, card, check list flyers and lots more.

You will find the free template in the different category and use those free web elements on your website. Lots of element like Resume template, charity template will help you a lot for graphics designer and web designer.

5. themeforest

Envato is the leading marketplace for creative assets and creative people. Millions of people around the world choose our marketplace, studio and courses to buy files, hire freelancers, or learn the skills needed to build websites, videos, apps, graphics and more.

Envato is proudly based in Melbourne, Australia, but our people and community live and work from all over the world.

We believe good ideas deserve a chance to grow. We believe people deserve to earn a living doing what they love. We believe in making it easy to get things done.

6. myresponsee

Responsee framework comes from Vision Design graphic studio. At the beginning of that project there was an effort to optimize our time needed for creation of operational html and CSS layout. We tested several similar open-source frameworks, however none of them, even in spite of their indisputable qualities, satisfied us for 100%. Therefore we full of enthusiasm started development of our own minimalist and extremely useful framework. Several weeks of development resulted in unique responsive CSS framework, which fully meets our requirements.

Successful project Responsee was born! After few days of testing employment of the framework for process of real project development for our client came. Responsee proved good and significantly contributed to great satisfaction of our client. It did not take a long time to make a decision let the project be accessible for community of developers. We feel honour to share the project Responsee with any particular web designer, who decides to apply the framework.

7. Html5up

Whatever web language you use you have to use HTML5. People like the simple website and want to get an awesome result from there. The reason behind html5up.net is so popular the all of the templates are fully responsive and easily fit into any kind of device.

When you see any of the templates of this website all of the templates are downloaded so many times. You have to see the live demo and pick the best one for you.

All designs are made in a professional way. So you don’t have to customize a lot there. The user policy is also so simple. You can easily download any item from there.

8. themewagon

Theme Wagon is an amazing website to get free resource. You will find free one page responsive bootstrap themes and templates with cool design and great UI/UX. Our creative designers and rockstar wordpress theme developers are working continuously to develop high quality free one page responsive bootstrap themes and templates to take your business to a new height. You can download the one page responsive bootstrap themes and templates for free.

Our concern is to develop website template with eye catchy design, responsive layout, clean and minimal outlook. We are provide clear instruction in the code and documentation with the template. People with no coding skill can use those templates easily. Now they can develop their websites on their own.

Our aim is to develop more one page templates as this is the new trend of the website development. Eventually we will implement google material design concept. Blending great design with clean code is always exciting and challenging. We try to keep everything documented and well organized. We would love to hear your experiences. Also please share your idea with us – what kind of template you want or if there is any bug in our code or design.

9. mashup-template

Mashup template is a collection of 100% free and customizable HTML5/CSS3 templates based on ready-to-use blocks and a light version of the Bootstrap Framework 3.3.7.

Mashup Template also provides a full automated development workflow based on Webpack and Handlebars. with live reload to customise your CSS with the SCSS framework.

Mashup Template is a side project made by our team at Orson.io, creators of a website builder specialised in SEO.

Mashup Template is an open source project licensed under the Creative Commons Licence and can be used for free. You can use them for commercial and noncommercial purposes.

10. w3layouts

We want to change how the websites are built. And make them easy to build and launch. We started W3Layouts with the leftover from our earlier project. Now we have 48 categories with 3714 templates which are growing by every day.

This solves first two parts of the problem. Design and development then we have our strategically created categories which would fit well with most of the requirements.

After selecting your website template based on your need, you can customize it with our editor by adding/removing text, images, videos, pages, blog and our components. This doesn’t stop at this you can go beyond with design based on your level of expertise.

Once you’re comfortable you can host directly with us. So, far we have 12M visitors, 400K users, 22M downloads, 7.5K paid users

We recently launched editor in beta to our website templates with addition of these features. Soon we will be launching out hosting platform.This creates a full circle of your website building journey.


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