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how to make better life style for live

Make better life style for live

Everyone has room for improvement.

This is a simple fact of life. Luckily, every one of us was made with different talents, weaknesses, strengths, and faults.

This is all encompassed by being human, something that should be much appreciated.

With that being said, everyone has a weakness or two. Who is to say anyone is perfect?


  1. Purchase And Use An Agenda.

The best way to positively manage your time is to find a schedule that works for you.

Nothing makes me realize how much time I waste more than having it on paper in front of me.

Also, writing out tasks that need to be completed helps you remember them.


  1. Become Competitive With Your New Goals


Competition is a part of human nature.

Finding someone who shares a common goal with you may amp up your motivation to accomplish this goal.

For example, if the goal is weight loss, you can find someone at your local gym with the same purpose and set a prize for the person who lowers their BMI the most by a particular date.It doesn’t take long to start one.

This is also a straightforward and efficient way to improve your lifestyle.

This can be as easy as unloading the dishwasher as soon as you see it finished with its cycle.

The habit can be as complicated as learning a new language.

No matter what you choose, new healthy habits can always refresh your desire for self-improvement and self-care.


3. Surround Yourself With Positive Energy.

Positive people and positive thoughts always equal a positive outcome.

Positivity can even motivate you and help you produce some of the best quality work that you have ever accomplished.

This is because a positive mind overrides any negativity you may be facing.

Having the right support system and the right attitude makes a world of a difference. 

also speak every day i can do , god with me,etc.

This one can be tricky.

I am specifically referring to talking to people in times of your highest frustration.

For example, when you are dealing with customer service, it is easy to be rude and yell at,

the person you’re talking to.


4. Meditate.

Meditation does not have to be spiritual.

Meditation is merely giving you a few moments to gather your thoughts.

There are so many incredible benefits of meditation, such as reduced anxiety.

Allowing yourself a little bit of peace can be very helpful in maintaining a positive attitude.

Taking care of yourself is vital to being healthy.

Although we should always keep others in mind, we should not put other’s happiness in front of our own.

This is almost like paying off someone else’s debts when you’re under your eyeballs on your own.


5. Invest (Time, Money, Love)

Consider every action you have within a relationship as an investment.

Every time that you do something for a loved one, such as buying roses or planning a date, you are investing in the relationship.

This is the most worthy investment you will ever make, and enjoy life.

You should try to give yourself some form of gift each day.

Try giving yourself a manicure or even buying yourself a coffee.


6. Love And Care For Yourself.

Humans are the most beautiful works of art this world has ever known.

To think that we look in the mirror and see the things we detest rather than the things that radiate with beauty is sickening.

We deserve to take care of ourselves, to do something kind for ourselves.

Never forget, we deserve to improve ourselves to our fullest potential.

We deserve the most positive, supportive group of people in our lives to nourish our desire for companionship.

You deserve everything that you work hard for.

Even when you feel that you are completely satisfied with your lifestyle, never lose your desire for growth.

Self-improvement is not like riding a bike—you may lose a lot of the things you learned and fall back into bad habits if you become lax.

Having the desire to improve yourself is half of the battle.


7. Avoid the News

It’s all too easy to get sucked into public drama, online and offline.

Trust that if something important happens, you’ll know about it.

Otherwise, save yourself energy and spend your time on something more worthwhile.


8. Remember That All Feelings Pass

A key part of enjoying life is accepting that we’re not going to feel 100% happy 100% of the time.

During the more challenging times, remember that life is one big cycle of ups and downs, and remember that all feelings pass.


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That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to drop any queries, doubts, or suggestions regarding anything mentioned above in the comments section

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