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Women’s World Cup 2019

Women’s World Cup 2019 | Latest match results and full schedule

The 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup is the eighth edition of the FIFA Women's World Cup, the quadrennial international football championship contested by the women's national teams of the member associations of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association between 7 June and 7 July 2019.

The Women's World Cup 2019 is now very much under way, with 24 countries battling it out to be crowned the winners.
It's the eighth edition of the competition, most recently won by the US in Canada 2015 - their third success.
Phil Neville's England have been amongst the favourites since the tournament began on June 7. They've been drawn against Scotland, Argentina and Japan in Group D.
But when are the games, and how can you watch? You can find out all you need to know below.

Friday 7 June
Group A: France 4 South Korea 0

Saturday 8 June
Group A: Norway 3 Nigeria 0
Group B: Spain 3 South Africa 1
Group B: Germany 1 China 0

Sunday 9 June
Group C: Australia 1 Italy 2
Group C: Brazil 3 Jamaica 0
Group D: England 2 Scotland 1

Monday 10 June
Group D: Argentina 0 Japan 0
Group E: Canada 1 Cameroon 0

Tuesday 11 June
Group E: New Zealand 0 Holland 1
Group F: Chile 0 Sweden 2
Group F: United States 13 Thailand 0

Wednesday 12 June
Group A: Nigeria 2 South Korea 0
Group B: Germany 1 Spain 0
Group A: France 2 Norway 1

Thursday 13 June
Group C: Australia 3 Brazil 2
Group B: South Africa 0 China 1

Friday 14 June
Group D: Japan 2 Scotland 1
Group C: Jamaica 0 Italy 5
Group D: England 1 Argentina 0

Saturday 15 June
Group E: Holland 3 Cameroon 1
Group E: Canada 2 New Zealand 0

Sunday 16 June
Group F: Sweden 5 Thailand 1
Group F: United States 3 Chile 0

Brazil and Australia both need just a draw from their respective games to guarantee qualification.
Jamaica could still qualify in theory. The Reggae Girlz must beat Australia and overhaul a goal-difference deficit of eight, as well as hoping for results elsewhere to go their way.
Already-qualified Italy will top their group if they do not lose to Brazil and could even win the group if they lose narrowly.


Monday 17 June
Group B: China vs Spain (17:00, Le Havre) - BBC website
Group B: South Africa vs Germany (17:00, Montpellier) - BBC red button/website
Group A: Nigeria vs France (20:00, Rennes) - BBC Four
Group A: South Korea vs Norway (20:00, Reims) - BBC red button/website

Tuesday 18 June
Group C: Jamaica vs Australia (20:00, Grenoble) - BBC red button/website
Group C: Italy vs Brazil (20:00, Valenciennes) - BBC Four

Wednesday 19 June
Group D: Japan vs England (20:00, Nice) - BBC One
Group D: Scotland vs Argentina (20:00, Paris) - BBC Four

Thursday 20 June
Group E: Cameroon vs New Zealand (17:00, Montpellier) - BBC red button/website
Group E: Netherlands vs Canada (17:00, Reims) - BBC website
Group F: Sweden vs United States (20:00, Le Havre) - BBC Four
Group F: Thailand vs Chile (20:00, Rennes) - BBC red button/website

Saturday 22 June
38: 1B vs 3A/C/D (14:00, Grenoble)
37: A2 vs C2 (17:30, Nice)

Sunday 23 June
39: 1D vs 3B/E/F (16:30, Valenciennes)
40: 1A vs 3C/D/E (20:00, Le Havre)

Monday 24 June
41: 2B vs 2F (17:00, Reims)
42: 1F vs 2E (20:00, Paris)

Tuesday 25 June
43: 1C vs 3A/B/F (17:00, Montpellier)
44: 1E vs 2D (20:00, Rennes)

Thursday 27 June
45: W37 vs W39 (20:00, Le Havre)

Friday 28 June
46: W40 vs W41 (20:00, Paris)

Saturday 29 June
47: W43 vs W44 (14:00, Valenciennes)
48: W38 vs W42 (17:30, Rennes)

Tuesday 2 July
49: W45 vs W46 (20:00, Lyon)

Wednesday 3 July
50: W47 vs W48 (20:00, Lyon)

Third-place play-off:
Saturday 6 July (16:00, Nice)

Sunday 7 July (16:00, Lyon)

The football tournament follows a typical World Cup format, with four teams in six groups. The last 16 will comprise the top two from each group, along with the four best third-place teams. We then head into quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals.

Here you will be able to follow the latest standings throughout the tournament to see who progresses to the last 16.


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