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STEPCRAFT : One Machine - Many Functions

STEPCRAFT : One Machine - Many Functions, Never Compromise - Fast, Accurate & Easy To Use


The Machine to Build Everything
What’s the adult version of Legos? The closest thing would probably be a machine that lets you build anything you can imagine. Stepcraft creates that machine.

Stepcraft manufactures desktop to production grade CNC machines. CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, machines take digitized data, which are then controlled using a computer and a CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) program that automates and monitors the movements of the machine. These machines have a number of uses, from milling and carving wood and plastics, to laser engraving, drag knife cutting, and rotary machining. Stepcraft’s primary market was hobbyists and home users. They now have products for small business use, educational institutions, and recently developed a new product line specifically for industrial users.


One system, endless possibilities! All STEPCRAFT CNC Systems can be converted in no time. Just loosen the Quick-release Lever, mount a new tool and the machine instantly turns into a router, a 3D printer, a laser and in many more! The optionally extendable all-in-one system makes the STEPCRAFT a real wonder of multifunctionality. This way, you can save space as well as the high costs for the purchase of additional machines.

Since starting in the United States in 2014, Stepcraft has gone through 4 expansions and is now currently manufacturing their new production line of CNC machines here as well as in Germany. As a result, the company quickly needed a way of controlling and tracking their inventory. There was no solid inventory control system to manage hundreds of SKU numbers (they used to have only a few dozen). To add to their mounting headaches, Stepcraft had its CRM and contacts maintained in a Wordpress site’s backend, which was very cumbersome. While the company used Zoho for its business, it became apparent that the software didn’t talk with the rest of the programs resulting in duplicate information.


The website soon got slower and slower as the company grew.Royer’s business partner said he needed to find an ERP system for the company, so he started searching around, but the cost of most ERPs was astronomical for the fledgling branch. Royer then discovered via a blog post that he found on Google, which prompted him to
visit stepcraft website and there he learned Odoo was a much lower cost of entry. The first app he used was Website, then Sales, Contacts, CRM, Inventory, and finally Helpdesk.


Stepcraft’s customers are using their products in so many different ways. One customer makes custom orthotics for shoes, similar to Dr. Scholl’s. This customer gets impressions of the foot and then scans it to create a custom insole for shoes. Another customer, through the use of weather balloons, can take a company’s product or logo and launch it into space for marketing purposes; they use a Stepcraft machine to make lots of parts for that. One couple started a business making custom flip flops.

They use CNC manufacturing to make a message or logo that is on the bottom of the flip flop so that it makes impressions in the sand as they walk. Another Stepcraft customer makes custom chocolate bars. She uses logos to make molds and creates promotional chocolate bars. Yet another customer, who used to work for Hasbro, made the point-of-sale displays for toys at toy stores. Now he and his son run their own business from their home creating these custom displays.


In terms of future growth for Stepcraft, they are always trying to expand the product line. The company sticks with educational trends and tries to get people more interested in home manufacturing. It seems there is no end for where Stepcraft could go, especially as they involve younger generations. As Royer says, This tech is good because CNC is not going away; it’s growing and expanding. Get kids involved and then they’ll have a skillset they can take away with them forever.

Stepcraft is among the international market leaders in the field of multifunction CNC systems. Beyond that, they  develop, produce and distribute different system-guided tools, such as the HF Spindle, Laser, 3D Printing Head, and the Drag Knife.

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